Your lessons will be posted here. They are due on the date listed. View the video. Pause if needed to write things down. Then do the quiz.
NEW - You can retake any quiz you like for full credit.
March 19
March 24
March 26
March 31
April 2 - No new work today. Please take the time to catch up and redo quizzes. Celebrate Holy Week with your families.
April 7
April 14
April 16
April 21
April 23
April 28
April 30th & May
Please visit: meet.google.com/edq-wczk-icy I would like to begin at 8:17 sharp Tuesdays & Thursdays, though I'll try to have the meeting open before that. I'm eager to see and hear you all. We did have our first online meeting on April 30th, but I'm not sure if you all got the info in time. Just be there next time. You can continue to redo old quizzes.
May 12 (Makeup)
Since you are about to be confirmed, I ask that you take some time over the next few weeks to review our examination questions. I want you to be able to answer these questions all by yourself verbally (not multiple choice or anything). As you memorize, I'm focusing on the content of each answer, not necessarily a word-for-word memorization of the answers.
Study tip: There are 95 questions to answer and 4 weeks to study. That means keep a pace of 24 questions per week for memorization. That's less than 4 questions per day.

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